Jewels quest

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Jewels quest
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Jewels quest

On your way to finding diamonds, you must solve all the ancient questions left by moving the diamonds in a pre-determined order so you can overcome the pitfalls. This.
Placing at least 3 diamonds of the same type and shape is the challenge of this game, when the adjacent tablets, you can move it.
When you can put four diamonds together, it means that you have created a feat and more when you stack five tablets close together it will bring good results.
In Jewels quest time is not much, only 2 minutes so you can solve the puzzle in the same level, the more through the different levels, the difficulty of the game will increase a lot.
May you win the ancient Maya quiz, but we will not be able to do it.
Wish you have the most fun moments

Features in Jewels quest games:

  • Games have beautiful graphics, pictures honestly each diamond
  • Play instantly on your PC without having to install or download anything
  • You can also play on your phone and tablet and on other devices
  • Running on html5 platform ensures smoother and more stable
  • Play jewelish game online free and forever so

How to play Jewels quest games:

  • On the computer, use the left mouse button to play, use the left mouse button to select and move the diamond
  • On handsets to touch and swap for them
  • The higher your level is, the higher you score
  • Wish you win and get the highest score in your friends list

Some screen shots in games:

Jewels quest

Jewels quest click play now

jewels quest online free

Jewels quest online free – games bigin

free jewels quest

Free jewels quest – games over and final score

jewel quest games online free

Jewel quest games online free – save your score

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Jewels quest
5 (100%) 1 vote

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